Risks Worth Taking and Stands Worth Making

A Stanford d.school guide · Written by Ashish Goel · Art and Lettering by Ruby Elliot

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A practical, comic-filled guide to overcoming the challenges of creative work, including where to start, how to give or get feedback, when to change direction, and how to stand up for what matters.

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Revealing an unexpected intersection between Where the Wild Things Are and Daring Greatly, Ashish Goel’s magnificently beautiful book illuminates a powerful new way to think about, discover, and act with your own personal courage. In today’s ethically suspect world, this book makes me truly happy.

  Dan Roam, international bestselling author of The Back of the Napkin and Draw to Win


About the Author


I’ve been an entrepreneur, designer and educator for over 15 years. I have started two companies, led design and product management at multiple technology startups, and taught design to hundreds of students at Stanford University.

In spite of the skills, experiences and credentials I’ve collected, there are moments in my life when these skills feel inadequate. Stepping out of the rat race to do my own thing, pushing for innovation at the companies I work for, or just having a difficult conversation. I feel unprepared and under-confident.

And yet, I have to act. Even when no one is pushing me to, with no guarantee of success — rather, things are likely to go sideways, for something that matters to me. (Truth: I’ve chickened out more than once.)

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